Here at Quest Capital, we believe in providing our registered representatives with the best support we can.  Nothing can provide greater evidence of this than hearing what our registered representatives have to say for themselves.


From Alan M.-Since 1998
Clearwater, FL

I’ve been a Series 7 licensed broker with Quest Capital Strategies for over 10 years. They have always been professional, helpful and encouraging. My commissions have always been sent to me on time and accurate. As all Registered Representatives, I have received solicitations from Broker-Dealers to transfer my license to their firm. I would always compare them with Quest Capital and every time they fell short. This has revealed to me that Quest Capital is a solid, quality firm and has shown consistency over time.


From Corky D.-Since 1989
Carthage, Missouri

I have been with Quest Capital Strategies for over 20 years. Obviously a great and comfortable relationship!!


From Ellen K.-Since 2003
Dunellen, NJ

Quest Capital Strategies, Inc. delivers exquisite service both through their back office staff and trading desk personnel. The end result for me and my clients is service excellence.


From Mark R.
Long Beach, CA

I have been a RR with Quest for more than two decades. I began in Feb, 1988. I like the fact that there is so much flexibility to work full or part time. There is no pressure to sell certain products, nor to produce certain quotas of volume. There is a very wide variety of approved products to offer my clients. I can select from various commission payout schedules to customize what suits me and my volume of sales. Whenever I need personal help from the office (compliance, accounting, etc), I always receive prompt and very friendly support. The continuing education also keeps me well informed.


Testimonials may not necessarily be representative of all experiences.

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